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Write a story in  with the help of the following outline :

Tortoise and hare — good friends — tortoise — known for his slow speed — hare has fast speed — makes fun of tortoise — challenges him — referee selected — race starts — hare overconfident — takes a nap — tortoise wins.

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Title & Moral - 1 mark

Content - 4 marks

Expression 5 marks (coherence, relevance of ideas) 

(Accuracy, appropriate words and correct spellings

Suggested value points:(Hints given in the question)

Detailed Answer : 

This is the story of two friends tortoise and hare. Both the tortoise and hare were fast friends. Wherever they went, they went together. The only difference between them was that tortoise had a slow speed while the hare had a fast speed. Sometimes they both started to work or to go somewhere at same time but due to his slow speed, the tortoise was always late while the hare did the work at a fast speed. Thus, the hare sometimes made fun of his friend tortoise but the tortoise neglected the hare's attitude. Inspite of being fast friends, they sometimes had petty issues over their speed. The Tortoise told his friend that slow speed is not a curse but a boon but the hare never stopped himself from making fun of his friend. One day the Tortoise got frustrated and threw a bold challenge to the hare to have a race. It was decided that one who reached the river bank first would be the winner. They selected their referee and at a fixed time the race started. The hare ran at a fast speed and was miles ahead of the tortoise. He turned back and saw that his friend tortoise was not visible far and wide. Then he decided to have a rest because according to him, the tortoise would take a long time to reach him. He was over confidant of his winning so he lay down and fell asleep. The tortoise continued walking. On his way, he saw the hare sleeping but he didn't stop and he reached the river bank. When the hare got up, he looked around for the tortoise. Then he started his race at a double speed but found that the tortoise had already reached the river bank. In this way tortoise won the race. Moral : Slow and steady wins the race.

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