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Imagine your friend is a table tennis champion who has won the semi-final in the inter- collegiate championship. Due to over confidence, she neither practises nor does she take her opponent seriously. This may result in her losing the final. Suggest some ways to make her aware of the importance of hard work and regular practice.

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Dear Sushama, congratulations on winning the semi final of the inter collegiate table tennis championship! But I never see you practicing and preparing yourself mentally and physically for the finals. I am really worried. Are you so confident of your success that you don’t even bother to attend your regular practice sessions? You must be knowing, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. The other day I was watching the final match of Wimbledon Tennis Competition and it was amazing how the finalist Roger Federer, at the age of 37, was doing so much of hard work to win the long rallies.

Some of the strikes were excellent and this must be the result of his rigorous practice. These are legends and you must learn from them. There is no short cut to success and hard work always pays. You must take out enough time for practice to boost your confidence for the final match. Don’t take things easy and look down upon your opponent. Do it now-start regular practices. All the best!

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