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Use the following points and write an appreciation of the poem :

  • About the poem, poet and title 
  • Theme
  • Poetic style, language, poetic devices used in the poem
  • Special features 
  • Message/values/morals in the poem
  • Your opinion about the poem

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She assured him not to worry since she could suggest another place, most probably their own home where they had shared many lovely moments. This poem is a sonnet comprising of fourteen lines. Like a typical Petrarchan sonnet,the first eight lines called octave, hint at a problem or express an emotional tension. The last six lines called sestet, try to resolve the problem by relieving the tension. The poem also brings out the poet’s love for nature and here the sonnet resembles. Shakespeare’s sonnets which also has glorified nature.

Central Metaphor for the entire poem is the central symbol of sky which can be blue, dark and different for different persons. But ‘There is another sky/Ever serene and fair,’’-for all and that is the sky of paradise which is blissful. Here the poet means the sky and the places around a person’s own home which will always appear comfortable.

It is possible to resort to one’s own home in the moments of weakness, frustrations and confusions. Emily’s call into this ideal world of home makes us believe that such a world really exists. That makes the poem appear so special to the readers.

The message that the poet tried to convey was that one might change home or hometown, but the place called ‘home’ would never change and that was her purpose of using the expression ‘evergreen’ to convince the readers about eternal existence of one’s own comfortable home. Thus, Emily’s undying love for her brother, Austin who was troubled by some problems, came out through her showcasing all the brightness around the place she was recommending where her brother could life under a light that never faded.

The short poem, ‘There is Another Sky’ in just two stanza, has makes us understand the importance of home where are loved ones will be the bright sunlight in every situation of our life. Emily’s way of giving solace to her brother impress me the most, as, I believe, compression and warmth can always help a troubled person by giving strength. Emily’s brother Austin also has admitted that his sister’s words has been very supportive for him by allowing him to enter into her garden of happiness and joy.

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