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Complete the story in which begins as the following :

There was a joint family of six members including grandparents. It was the 75th birthday of the grandmother and the family planned to celebrate.

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Title & Moral - 1 mark

Content - 4 marks

Expression 5 marks (coherence relevance of ideas) 

(Accuracy, appropriate words and correct spelling) 

Suggested value points: (The beginning of the story is given in the question)

Detailed Answer : 

There was a joint family of six members induing grand parents. It was the 75th birthday of the grandmother and the family planned to celebrate her birthday. Love and Lovy the grand son and the grand daughter were excited to celebrate their grandmother's birthday. Harish and Harsha the parents of Love and Lovy wanted to have a dinner in a restaurant but the grand parents were reluctant to spend so much money. But when Harish and Harsha insisted, they agreed. All the six members went to a famous restaurant of the city. They decorated the table and brought some garlands for the grand parents. They all garlanded the grand parents and touched their feet. The grand parents wanted that all the members should take dinner together but Harish and Harsha wanted to feed the grand parents first with heir own hands. Two dishes of food were ordered and Harish started feeding his father so did Love and Harsha more food started feeding grand mother followed by Lavy. When the grand parents had taken food, they ordered more food and had their dinner. When they started to leave the restaurant, a man sitting in the corner called him and told him that he had left a lot of things there. On enquiring about those things, the man told that he had set an example for the coming generations to respect their elders. Harish and Harsha were overwhelmed at his appreciation.

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