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(a) What excited Rajvir ? Why did Pranjol not share his excitement ?

(b) 'He senses first responsibility' What responsibility is referred to here ? (The Ball Poem).

(c) What was Horace Danby's hobby ? How did he manage to fulfill it ? 

(d) Why did Matilda (Mme Loisel) leave the ball in a hurry ? What does it show about her character ? 

(e) In which queer way did Anil make a living ? (The Thief's Story)

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(a) Rajvir was excited to look at the beautiful scenery and wide range of green tea gardens. Pranjol was born and brought up in Assam, not excited /nothing new for him 

(b) The responsibility of taking care of his things in this world of possessions and cope up with the loss. 

(c) He is fond of collecting rare and expensive books, managed it by breaking open a safe every year 

(d) no one notices her shabby shawl. It shows her false pride / vanity 

(e) wrote for magazines, made money by fits and starts

Detailed Answer : 

(a) The splendid and eye catching view with so much of greenery outside the train excited Rajvir. He was fascinated by the sprawling tea gardens, spreading like a green sea of wetly pruned bushes but Pranjol did not share his excitement because he had been brought up on a plantation. 

(b) The responsibility referred here is that the poet thinks that it is of no use to purchase another ball. he must feel his responsibilty of the loss. 

(c) Horace Danby was not an ordinary thief. He loved rare and expansive books. So he robbed a safe every year and secretly through an agent bought the books he loved. 

(d) Matilda left the ball in a hurry as the necklace was missing from her attire. It shows that she was dissatisfied and discontented in her life. 

(e) Anil made a living in a queer way by borrowing money but repaid the loan whenever he earned money through his writings for magazines. He lived life according to the flow of money. When he got money, he enjoyed out with his friends. When he was having less money, he reduce his expenses.

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