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If sec θ + tan θ = p, find the value of cosec θ.

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This is correct

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What is D
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D=b²-4ac (Discriminant)
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Secθ+tanθ=p ----------------------(1)

∵, sec²θ-tan²θ=1

or, (secθ+tanθ)(secθ-tanθ)=1

or, secθ-tanθ=1/p ----------------(2)

Adding (1) and (2) we get,


or, secθ=(p²+1)/2p

∴, cosθ=1/secθ=2p/(p²+1)

∴, sinθ=√(1-cos²θ)








∴, cosecθ=1/sinθ=1/[(p²-1)/(p²+1)]=(p²+1)/(p²-1) 

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 sec θ + tan θ = p

Converting sec θ and tan θ in sin θ and cos θ

So, we square both sides

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simply we can solve it by:

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