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Explain the role of physical education in the development of personality of an individual.

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Physical education includes all forms of physical activities, games and sports, which promote the development of body and mind. There are various dimensions or aspects of personality like physical, social, mental and emotional developments. All these dimensions of personality are developed through various programmes of physical education. Some of the personal qualities that are promoted through physical education are:

(a) Attitude building : Attitude is the mental and physical state through which one’s life is affected. Physical education helps in development of attitudes like sympathetic, winning, fitness, obedience and discipline. 

 (b) Helpfulness : Helping each other, especially when during a match, a player meets an accident or suffers an injury, then all the players of both the teams come forward to extend help to the injured fellow player. 

(c) Patience : Patience plays an important role in sports. There are situations when a player needs to keep his mind cool. A player needs to keep patience even while the team is losing. This is because only a mind in patience can take thoughtful decisions. The players can think of a strategy that can be planned to win the game. Physical education teaches a player to develop patience. 

(d) Tolerance : There are situations in games when an umpire or referee gives a wrong decision. At such times, a player has to tolerate such decisions. Tolerance is a virtue of patience. Hence, physical education develops tolerance in an individual.

(e) Team spirit : A single player cannot take over an entire opponent team. To win, the individuals have to work in a co-ordinated and planned manner in synchronization with other players of the team. Physical education develops the sense and importance of team spirit in an individual. 

(f) Discipline : Discipline is a must for excellence in sports. Through the sports, the sportspersons learn to obey rules and regulations. Playing in accordance with the rules and regulations develops discipline in the players. 

(g) Unity : All the players of the team play as one, irrespective of their class, colour, religion, creed, background, etc. This develops the spirit of unity and national integration amongst the players as well as the spectators watching the players play.

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