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Write short notes on any two of the following:-

(a) Career in book writing

(b) Career in sports photography

(c) Career in sports industry

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(a) Career in book writing: To become a book writer, a person should have talent, training and experience. There are different types of writers, such as copywriters, journalists, novelists, web writers and editors. Writing professionals are broadly employed in different industries, ranging from academia to business, journalism to entertainment. A majority of writers are selfemployed. 

To become a writer the steps are: 

(i) Earn a high school degree 

(ii) Select a professional path 

(iii) Get a writing education 

(iv) Complete an internship 

(v) Get a job and build portfolio 

(vi) Earn a MA/MFA degree (optional) to enhance writing skills 

(b) Career in Sports Photography: Career in sports photography is both interesting, adventurous and challenging. A sports photographer has option to cover sporting events like football, baseball or basketball games, track and field or swimming meets and golf tournaments. A photographer may also provide a photo reporting service on the event for newspapers, magazines or sports websites. He can either work for a publisher in a full-time or part-time position or complete assignments on a freelance basis.

There is no set educational requirement for a career in sports photography. Career opportunities could be developed by photographic skills. Educational options include a bachelor’s degree in photography or journalism or an intensive 1-year certificate program in photography.

Before applying for full-time positions or freelance assignments, there should be a portfolio of photographs to demonstrate ability to potential employers. Skills could be improved and portfolio could be built by covering local sports events. Local sports clubs could be contacted for their playing schedules and contact event organisers to obtain permission to take photographs. Published photographs add to the credibility of portfolio, 

so it is important to submit shots to newspapers or magazines.

(c) Career in sports industry: There are various options in the sports industry to adopt as a career apart from being an athlete. Various options are to become:

(i) Fitness Director (Fitness Program Coordinator, Fitness Director and Therapeutic Recreation Director) 

(ii) Coach (High School Coaches, College Sports Coaches and Professional Sports Coaches) 

(iii) Trainer (Athletic trainer, Fitness trainer) 

(iv) Sports journalism (Sports Announcer/ Commentator, Sports Radio Show Host, Sports Writer and Television Sports Producer) 

(v) Sports marketing (Account Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Public Relation Assistant, Inside Sales Representative) 

(vi) Sports medicine (Doctor of Osteophathy, Medical Doctor, Athletic Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Nurse and Sports Nutritionist/ Dietician) 

(vii) Sports psychology (Academic Sports Psychology, Clinical Sports Psychology and Applied Sports Psychology)

For each field, different types of skills and education is required. There is a lot of scope in the sports industry. People who are truly passionate about sports and working in sports as their career understand what it takes to meet challenges and they develop a game plan that often includes these best practices:

(i) Gaining experience anywhere they can,

(ii) Networking with sports enthusiasts and

industry officials,

(iii) Volunteering,

(iv) Shadowing and

(v) Continuous learning.

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