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Identify the reducing agent in the following reactions:​

i. 4NH3 + 5O2 ---> 4NO + 6H2O
ii. H2O + F2 --> HF + HOF
iii. Fe2O3 + 3CO ---> 2Fe + 3CO2
iv. 2H2 + O2 ---> 2H2O

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i. NH3 gets oxidized to NO (Removal of hydrogen, addition of oxygen) O2 gets reduced to H2O ( Addition of hydrogen).
Thus, NH3 acts as reducing agent.
ii. F2 gets reduced to HF (Addition of hydrogen) H2O gets oxidized to HOF (Removal of hydrogen)
Hence, H2O acts as reducing agent.
iii. Fe2O3 gets reduced to Fe (Removal of oxygen) CO gets oxidized to CO2 (Addition of oxygen)
Hence, CO acts as reducing agent.
iv. H2 gets oxidized to H2O (Addition of oxygen) O2 gets reduced to H2O (Addition of hydrogen)
Hence, H2 acts as reducing agent.

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