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Name the type of mirror used in following situations:
(a) Headlights of a car
(b) Side/Rear-view mirror of a vehicle
(c) Solar furnace
Support your answer with reason.

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(a) Headlights of a car use a concave mirror.
Concave mirror renders the rays parallel when
object is placed at its principal focus. The bulb of headlight is at focus of concave mirror, the rays reflected from the mirror are in the form of a strong parallel beam, which goes straight and makes the distant objects visible for safe driving.
(b) Side/rear view mirror of a vehicle is
convex mirror; because of its largest field of view.
Solar furnace uses a concave mirror. The object to be heated to be placed at the focus of concave mirror. The parallel rays coming from the sun become incident on the mirror and get reflected at focus. That is sufficient energy is received from the sun and collected at one point (focus) to heat the object.

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