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View the figure and fill in the following blanks :
(i)About ____ years ago , present day continents formed a single large , irregular land mass called _____
(ii)As the continents drifted away , the ____ separated them forming ___ to free intercontinental movements of organisms.
(iii)The earth has been divided into ___ biogeographical realms namely , Australian, Neotropical, ____ , Oriental , Palearctic and Nearctic.
(iv)Biogeographical realms were first proposed by P.L. Sclater for specific group of animals called ____ and were later recognized by A.R. Wallace for ____
(v)____ had a voyage to Galapagos group of islands and later gave concept of _____

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Correct Answer - (i)250 million ; Pangaea , (ii)seas ; barriers , (iii)six ; Ethiopian , (iv)birds ; all animals and plants , (v)Charles Darwin ; organic evolution

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