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A conducting ring of radius  1m is placed in a uniform magnetic  field B of 0.001T oscillating with frequency  100hz with its plane at right angles to B . What will be the induced emf

Ans 2v/m

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As frequency is given i.e. 100 Hz
So, T = 1/100 S
At T/2 flux linked with coil changes from BA to zero.
B = 0.001 T
Induced emf = Change in flux / time = BA/(T/2) = 2BA/T
2 x 0.001 x π x (1)2 / (1/100) = 0.2π V
Using Maxwell equation, electric field along the circle is
V=∫E.dl=-dФ/dt = AdB/dt
E(2πr) =πr²dB/dt
E = 1/(2πr) x e = 0.2π/(2πx1) = 0.1 V/m

I think 0.1 V/m is the correct answer.

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