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Let the x-y plane be the boundary between two transparent media. Medium 1 in z ≥ 0 has a refractive index of √2 and medium 2 with z < 0 has a refractive index of √3. A ray of light in medium 1 given by the vector A = 6√3i +8√3j -10k is incident on the plane of separation. The angle of refraction in medium 2 is?

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Ray is A = 6√3i +8√3j -10k

Here x-y plane is boundary between two media.
cos i = |[OZ/√Ax2+Ay2+Az2]|
= [10/ √36x3+64x3+100
=10/ √400
= ½
→ i =600
From Snell’s law
sin i / sin r = √3/√ 2
r = 45O

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