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Meena went to a bank to withdraw Rs 2000. She asked the cashier to give her Rs 50 and Rs 100 notes only. Meena got 25 notes in all. Find how many notes of Rs 50 and Rs 100 she received.

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Let the number of Rs 50 notes and Rs 100 notes be x and y respectively.
According to the question,
= 25 ... (i)
50x + 100y = 2000 ... (ii)
Multiplying equation (i) by 50, we get
50x + 50y = 1250 ... (iii)
Subtracting equation (iii) from equation (ii), we get
50y = 750
y = 15
Putting this value in equation (i), we have x = 10
Hence, Meena has 10 notes of Rs 50 and 15 notes of Rs 100.

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