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a. How many isomers are possible for the compound with the molecular formula C4H8? Draw the electron dot structure of branched chain isomer. 

b. How will you prove that C4H8 and C5H10 are homologues?


A carbon compound ‘A’ having melting point 156K and boiling point 351K, with molecular formula C2H6O is soluble in water in all proportions.

a. Identify ‘A’ and draw its electron dot structure. 

b. Give the molecular formulae of any two homologues of ‘A’.

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a. Four

b. C4H8 and C5H10 are homologues

as they differ in 

● “- CH2-” 

● differ in 14u molecular mass 

● Same functional group 

● Same general formula


a. Ethanol; C2H5OH

b. CH3OH and C3H7OH are homologues of ethanol


CH4O and C3H8O

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