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Evaluate the role and importance of roads in the economic development of India?

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India has the 2nd largest road network in the world.

Importance of Roadways in India:

1. It provides better connectivity between Rural and Urban areas and hence advancement of Rural India occurs. 

2. During the transportation of goods from ports to their destination it is very important to have better Road connectivity so that time, fuel and money can be saved and hence ultimate economic development occurs. 

3. To link every remotest area (J&K, Northeast part, mountainous regions etc) with the mainstream of economy it's very much important to have better connectivity so that overall development of those people can be ensured. 

4. Even road connectivity is very important in linking Intra-state Urban areas and Inter-states for better transportation of various goods and services and hence for overall development in terms of saving time, money etc and reduction in pollution and CO2 emission level. 

5. Rural economy would be connected with urban economy. 

6. Faster accessibility of health, education and other facilities. 

7. Import and export will improve.

8. Internal security will improve. If it is improved in North Eastern states and militancy affected areas. 

9. Social connectivity will improve.

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