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How do Quaternary services differ from Tertiary services? Give three reasons why the service sector in developing and developed countries is growing faster than the manufacturing sector?

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The activities which involve intangible outputs and are relatively attached from material production such as the services of a technician or a teacher are referred to as Tertiary activities.

The activities concerning knowledge such as education, information, research and development and more intellectual activities where the major task is to think, research and develop ideas are quaternary activities.

The rising per capita income in both, developed and developing countries has generated proportionately larger increases in the many kinds of services.

There is also demand for educational services at all levels with the increase in the demand for literacy and computer skills at the workplace.

Demand for non-direct production workers is also increasing proportionally in most manufacturing companies as these companies need more clerical staff, sales people, research and other workers.

Medical services have also increased in Europe, North America and Japan because of an increase in demand for medical care from the elderly population.

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