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Describe the main features of the Bengal School of Painting.

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Main features of the bengal school of painting are as follows: 

1. Bengal Artists gave a sense of direction to the first art movement of the country.They sowed the confidence in the traditional values and rich heritage of Indian art by giving the Indians a new cultural consciousness. 

2. The Bengal artist adopted a new Japanese water colour technique which synthesized with European transparent water colour and Indian tempera called ‘Wash technique’. ‘Wash became the hallmark of Bengal School. 

3. Bengal painters were inspired by Ajanta and Bagh, Mughal and Rajput and Shilpasastra. Chinese cloth painting and Japanese wood cut were fused with themes mostly from Indian mythology and religion, epics and classical literature. 

4. During this period all types of painting including religious, social and historical events, birds and animals and landscapes were painted. 

5. The colours are soft without shadow and conventional perspective giving a mystic sense of space and atmosphere and diluting the impact of colour. The Bengal painters introduced linear delicacy, rhythm and grace of Ajanta

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