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Describe the characteristics of the painting ‘Shiva and Sati’. 


Which anguishes has the painter disclosed in painting named, ‘Journey’s End’?

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(1) Shiva and sati is a beautiful painting by Nandlal Bose. 

(2) It shows a mythological event of Lord Shiva and his wife Sati ( Parvati). 

(3) This is a dramatic depiction on offset paper using yellow, brown,violet,red colours in various shades and tones. In the background of the picture, the light and dark combination of brown and yellow colours have been used to show the sky which goes to merge with earth’s surface looking undulating shape through violet, brown and white colours. 

(4) In the center of the picture, lord shiva and sati have been depicted prominently in the sad mood. 

(5) Shiva sits looking at sati’s faded face helplessly and stretching both arms to support the body of Sati which is lying on his left knee in unconscious state wearing necklaces, earings, armlets, bracelets and light red colour saree. 

(6) An aura of light yellow colour has been shown behind Shiva’s head. His forehead looks bright and his hair are tied in a bun on top. He is wearing necklace and a snake around his neck.The torso of Lord Shiva is looking a little bulky. 

(7) Foreground of the painting looks like a blurry vision. 


Journeys end was a famous painting made by Abanindranath Tagore. 

1) Subject Matter: Loaded camel in the foreground is seen about to fall. Impression of desert has a very mystical effect. 

2) Composition: Red, brown and yellow, orange color for giving the sunset with wash technique. 

3) The artist has shown sufferings of the weak tired thirty and hungry camel which has been shown his listless body by half opened eyes as his journey has come to an end. 

4) He depicts the animals exploitation and tyranny by his owner,but still the animal remains faithful to his owner.

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