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Allotropes of carbon: There are three forms of carbon. i.e., diamond, graphite and fullerene which exxist in crystalline form. Graphite and diamond occur in nature. The structure of diamond is tetrahedral with `sp^(3)` hybridisation and diamond exist in 3-D netowrk solid. in graphite, carbon is `sp^(2)` hybridised. each carbon linked to other carbon linked to other carbon atom forms hexagonal ring. it has a layered structure. diamond and graphite are purest form of carbon. Fullerene constitute a new family of carbon allotropes.
Consisting of large spheroidal molecule of compound with general formula `C_(2n)`. common fullerene `C_(6),C_(70)`, contain 5 and 6 membered rings.
Q. Which of the following statement is incorrect for graphite?
A. Very small, the layers being tightly packed
B. Many times larger than the covalent radius of carbon
C. More than twice the covalent radius of carbon
D. The same as the covalent radius of carbon

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