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(a) List two reasons.for the appearance of variations among the progeny formed by sexual reproduction.
(b) (i) Name the part marked'A'in the diagram alongside.
     (ii) How does 'A'reaches part'B' ?
     (iii) State the importance of the part 'C'.
 (iv) What happens to the part marked 'D' after fertilisation is over ?

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(a) Variation is seen among progeny formed by sexual reproduction because of:
(i) Involvement of two different individuals.
(ii) Creation of new combination of variants.

(i) A-pollen or pollen grain.
(ii) It reaches the stigma (B) by agents of pollination.
(iii) C (pollen tube) helps male gamete to reach the egg (ovule).
(iv) After
fertilsation it converts into embryo.

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