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Write the IUPAC name of:- (C2H5)3C - CH2 - CH2 - C(C2H5)3 

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3,3,6,6- tetraethyl octane
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Good, I just wanted to check the answer. In my book, the answer was written as 3,3,6, tetra methyl octane.
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(C₂H₅)₃C - CH₂- CH₂ - C(C₂H₅)₃

Also, it can be written as CH₃-CH₂-(C₂H₅)₂C - CH₂- CH₂ - C(C₂H₅)₂-CH₂-CH₃

So, there are four ethyl groups, two at 3rd carbon and two at 6th carbon , these are substituents so prefix '3,3,6,6-tetra ethyl' is added with the root word 'oct' (C - 8) and we have suffix 'ane'

Prefix + root word + suffix

3,3,6,6- tetraethyl octane
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Yes, I know. I found the answer by drawing the diagram.

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