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In the figure, a circle is inscribed in a square ABCD and a square is inscribed by a circle. If the radius of the smaller circle is r cm, then the area of the shaded region(in cm2) is:- 


(a) {(π - 2)/4}r2 

(b) {(3π - 4)/2}r2 

(c)  {(π + 2)/4}r2 

(d) {(π - 2)/2}r2 

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Let O be the centre of both the concentric circles. Now, given that radius of smaller circles is r. Then radius of bigger circle will be OA = √2r (By pythgoras theorem).

Now, area of shaded region:

Area of sector AOB - Area of triangle AOB

90º/360°×π×(Radius of larger circle)² - 1/2×base×height (Notice that the angle being subtended at centre is 90° because we know that diagonals of a square bisect each other at 90°)






Therefore, option (D) is correct.

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