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sir how can i get a good rank (under 50) without coaching in jee advanced.

In your answer i want:

1. detailed explaination on how to study

2. please recommand some good books for jee (pcm)

thanking u
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how much cgpa u got in yr 10th exam

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(1) First you regular study your NCERT book, because this is the best book for entrance exams

>Give regular test series of jee

>keep regular self study of NCERT & other referral books

 (2) Here i prefer some books for jee

>Physics( erodov, ncert,G.C agarawal)

>Chemistry(ncert, OP Tondon)

>Mathematics(kc sinha , ncert)

best of luck for your exams......

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You can prepare by following tips:

1. Bring some good books for JEE as they will help you to build basics.

2. Purchase a mock test series and attempt those with dedication.

3. Have a good knowledge about the JEE advanced forms and fill the form very cautiously.

4. Study daily for 8-9 hours and try to practice as much as you can.
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It's Someone hard bcz Without coaching you may occur doubts then how you solve it ..and who motive you and other thing is that you felt boaring But IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR  THEN YOU CAN DO IT...BEST OF LUCK

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