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and make equal angles with the two straight lines 3x = 4y+7 and 12y = 5x+6 .





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The line passing through the point=(4,5)

The line equally inclined to the lines 3x=4y+7,5y=12x+6  means the angle between the required line and the two lines is equal assume the slop of the required equation is m1

The slope of the equation 3x=4y+7=>y=(3x)/4-7/4 so the slope of the equation is ¾

The slope of the equation 5y=12x+6=>y=(12x)/5+6/5 so the slope of the equation is 12/5

When slope of the two equations are formula for finding the angle between them is






    =>m1=+1   or -1

so the two equations incline the given ttwo equations equally

those are passing throught he point  (4,5) and having the slope 1  and   -1

Those are y-x+1=0  and y+x-9=0

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