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If retardation  produced by air resistance  of projectile is one tenth of accelaration  due to gravity  the time to reach the maximum  height  

Ans time decrease  by 9 percent

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If T is the time to reach maximum height in absence of air resistance then
T = u sinθ / g

If retardation is also considered then, then it will add to acceleration due to gravity
i.e. g → g + a

T' = u sinθ / g + a
u sinθ / g + (g/10)
= 10u sinθ/ 11g
= 10/11 T

percentage decrement = (actual decrement / actual time taken)x 100
= [(T - 10/11T)/ T] x 100 
= 1/11 x 100 = 9.09 %

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