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CD-R stands for ______and can be written to only______ .
1. Compact Disc - Recordable; once
2. Concurrent Disc - Recordable; once
3. Compact Disc - Recordable; twice
4. Concurrent Disc - Recordable; twice

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Compact Disc - Recordable; once

The correct answer is Compact Disc - Recordable; once.

  • CD-R Stands for Compact Disc – Recordable and it is a digital optical disc storage format.
    • A CD-R disc is a compact disc that can be written once and read arbitrarily many times.
  • The word "recordable" is used because CD-Rs are often used to record audio, which can be played back by most CD players.
    • However, many other kinds of data can also be written to a CD-R, so the discs are also referred to as "writable CDs."
  • The data burned onto a CD-R disc is permanent, meaning it can not be altered or erased like the data on a hard drive.


  • The "ROM" part in CD-ROM means the data on the disc is "read-only," or cannot be altered or erased. Because of this feature and its large capacity, CD-ROMs are a great media format for retail software.
  • Binary (Digital) data that is encoded on little pits on the optical disc are read by the laser beams which are situated in the Optical Reader.
  • It is an Optical Disc that has the capacity to store Data, Music Files, Videos Files, Games, etc.
  • CD-ROM is made up of clear polycarbonate plastic, coated with reflective material and a protective coat of clear lacquer.
  • CD-ROM can hold up to 700 Megabytes of data, roughly 3,00,000 typewritten pages.

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