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Observe different digestive enzymes and their role in digesting food in a tabular form.

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S.No Enzyme/Substance Secreted by Secreted info Digestive juice Acts on Products
1 Ptaylin (salivaryamylase) Salivary glands Buccal cavity Saliva Carbhoydrates Dextrines and maltose
2 Pepsin Stomach Stomach Gastric juice Protiens Peptones
3 Bile (No enzymes) Liver Duodenum Bile juice Fats Emulifications breaking down of largef ats into small globules 
4 Amylase Pancreas Duodenum Pancreatic juice Carbhoydrates Maltose
5 Trypsin Pancreas Duodenum Pancreatic juice Protiens Peptones
6 Lipase Pancreas intestinal wall Duodenum Pancreatic juice Fats Fatty acids and glycerol
7 Peptidases Small intestine Small intestine Intestinal juice Peptides Amino acids
8 Sucrose Small intestine Small intestine Intestinal juice Sucrose (Cane Sugar) Glucose

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