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I have got answer that in Plane mirror left appears right and right appears left. If we see our selves while lying on the bed on a side miror then according to the answer our head should appear in the place of toe. But this does not happen, WHY?
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The diverging rays emanating from every point on the facing surface of an object facing a plane mirror forms a virtual image in the back of the mirror at the same vertical distance as it is in front of the mirror  following the laws of reflection and we get a similar impression of the facing surface of the object as a virtual image in the mirror. So the face of image just faces the face of the object both havimg same size. This phenomenon appears to us as there occurs a lateral inversion. As the object and image face each other right side of the object forms left side of the image and vice versa but top and bottom of the object form image at top and bottom respectively . So no vertical inversion occurs.

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