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Which of the following are true:

(1) National Policy on Education (1968) recommended common school system,

(2) National Policy on Education (1986) recommended to introduce yoga in all schools

1. (1) is false (2) is true
2. (1) and (2) are true
3. Only (1) is true
4. (1) and (2) are false

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : (1) and (2) are true

National Policy on Education, 1968:

  • National Policy on Education (NPE) was announced by Indira Gandhi in 1968, which dealt with training and quality of teachers for schools; stress on moral education, and inculcation of a sense of social responsibility.
  • It focused on equalization of educational opportunity for all sections of society; introduction of work experience, manual work, and social service as an integral part of general education and science education and research.
  • The policy envisaged to shape education in a manner where the focus was put on learning of regional languages—a three-language formula was implemented in secondary education, where learning would take place in English, the official language of a state where the school was located, and Hindi. 

National Policy on Education, 1986:

  • National Policy on Education, 1986 placed a special emphasis on the removal of disparities and sought equalization of educational opportunity for specific disadvantaged groups. Removal of illiteracy among women, education of Scheduled Castes and Tribes, minorities, the disabled, and handicapped through non-formal and adult education programs were suggested.
  • To provide for an egalitarian system and unrestricted access to education, the policy focused on scholarships, adult education, and incentives for poor families to send their children to school. ‘Operation Blackboard’, a centrally sponsored program was initiated with a view to supplying teachers and students studying in primary schools necessary institutional equipment and instructional material to facilitate their education.
  • It also envisaged a common educational structure and a national curricular framework with a common core.
  • The common core was included with other components that were flexible and oriented towards employment-specific requirements. The history of India’s freedom movement, constitutional obligations, and other components essential to nurture identity constituted the common core.
  • It proposed to include unconventional courses like yoga in schools.

Hence, the correct answer is Option 2.

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