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When burnt in air, a magnesium strip burns with a bright _____ flame.
1. Green
2. White
3. Red
4. Blue
5. Orange

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : White

The correct answer is White.

  • When burnt in the air, a magnesium strip burns with a bright white flame and formed white ash — MgO.
  • However, if the magnesium is not removed from the flame, then it still burns in the flame, not nearly so well (it sputters), and above it the flame is yellow-orange.
  • It happens because when magnesium ribbons burn in the presence of air they undergo an oxidation reaction to form magnesium oxide.
  • This change proceeds with the evolution of heat and light due to which we see the dazzling white flame.

Color of the flame of several elements:

  • Arsenic - Blue
  • Strontium - Crimson
  • Tellurium - Pale green
  • Thallium - Bright green
  • Zinc Blue-green to pale green 

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