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How can you say that an individual can contribute or make a difference to the management of
(i) Forests and wildlife,(ii) Water resources, and

(iii.) Coal and petroleum?

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(i) Forests and wildlife:
(a) I will stress on the conservation of biodiversity
(b) I will prevent cutting down of trees in forest, this will itself protect the habitat of wild animals.
(c) I will try to educate people on the importance of forests and their role in our life.
(ii) Water resources:
(a) I will stress on the conservation of water by turning off the tap while brushing or shaving.
(b) I will use potable water for drinking purpose only and not for cleaning car, or giving water to plant.
(c) The judicious use of water is essential to avoid undue wastage of water.
(d) I will adopt rainwater harvesting system.
(iii) Coal and Petroleum: These are the main sources of energy today. We can save them in many ways. For example
(a) Using fluorescent tubes instead of lamps using fossil fuels.
(b) Using solar devices instead of fossil fuels.
(c) Prefer walking or cycling rather than using vehicles or use public transport to save petrol.
(d) I will get my car properly tuned to improve fuel efficiency.

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