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Do you think body’s team work maintains functioning of our body? Justify your answer with an example.

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1. Yes. Body’s team work maintains functioning of our body. 

2. All our functions are carried out by an effort of several systems working together. 

3. The human body has a set of systems which regulate the internal environment and strive to give our cells the necessary condition as they need to function.

4. We cannot use only the skeletal system or muscular system. 

5. To do any function several other systems also have their own roles to play. 

6. The pathway involving the way that our organs tissues and cells pickup signals from their surroundings and respond to them that triggers different functions in our body as well as by our body. 

7. When all the organs and organ systems work as a unit then the organism will survive. 

8. For example our eyes, ears, legs should coordinate with each other when crossing the road. Otherwise we may met with an accident.

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