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Give an example of coordination in your body where both hormonal and nervous controls function together.

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1. Several functions in our body are controlled by nerves, while many others are controlled by hormones. 

2. When we are afraid, the rate of heart beat increases, the breath rate will be faster, blood pressure increases, the hair on the body becomes errect and we get goose bumps. 

3. We might not observe our pupil dilation, skin becomes more sensitive. We come to normally only after we reach a safe spot. 

4. The various actions of the body are controlled by hormones and coordinated by nervous system. 

5. In these type of conditions nervous system and endocrine system work together to bring about control and coordination.

6. Another example for nervous and hormonal coordination. When the mother feeds the baby, the baby sucks the nipple for milk. This information is send to the brain by sensory nerve. Brain orders the pituitary gland to release the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin helps in the ejection of milk from the mammary glands.

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