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Which among the following statements are incorrect with respect to planets of the solar system?
1. Uranus is also known as the Red Planet due to the presence of iron oxides.
2. Mars appears greenish in color due to the presence of methane gas in its atmosphere
3. Jupiter is the second largest planet in the solar system
4. All of the above

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : All of the above

All the options are incorrect.

  • Uranus:
    • It is about four times the size of the earth.
    • It appears greenish in color due to the presence of methane gas in its atmosphere. Hence, Option 1 is incorrect.
    • It is the seventh planet from the sun.
    • It is the third biggest planet in the solar system.
    • It rotates clockwise i.e from east to west on its axis, which is opposite to other planets except for venus.
    • The axis of Uranus has a large inclination so that it appears to be lying down, hence it bears the name 'A Planet on its Side'.
  • Mars:
    • Mars is reddish in color.
    • Mars is also known as the Red Planet. Hence, Option 2 is incorrect.
    • It is red in color due to the presence of iron oxides.
    • Mars has two moons named Phobos and Deimos.
  • Jupiter:
    • Jupiter is the planet, orange in color with white bands on it.
    • Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System and saturn is the second largest planet. Hence, Option 3 is incorrect.
    • It is also known as winter planet as its average temperature is very low.
    • Jupiter's atmosphere is mostly made up of hydrogen (H2) and helium (He).

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