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Which of the following country is known as the land of forests and lakes?
1. Finland
2. Norway
3. Iceland
4. Greenland

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Finland

The correct answer is 1 i.e. Finland.

Important information's about Europe:

  • Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is recognized as the key to the Baltic.
  • Finland is named as the land of forests and lakes.
  • Both intensive and extensive cultivation is done in Europe with a great variety of crops due to the existence of different kinds of soil and climate.
  • On the steppes, wheat, sugar beet, and sunflowers are the major crops, whereas, in the Mediterranean region, fruit cultivation is outstanding.
  • Cattle, sheep, and pigs are elevated for meat, milk, and its outcomes.
  • The continental shelf areas around Europe including Dogger Bank are abundant in Fish.
  • Europe is abundant in minerals such as iron ore, petroleum, coal, copper, etc.
  • The United Kingdom is the title given to the alliance of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    • Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, and Waves.
  • The UK is one of the most industrialized democracies of the world, though it lacks the raw material. It is self-sufficient in petrol.
  • France is the third-largest country in Europe.
  • Russia is the largest country in the world and the highest populated country in Europe.
  • Vatican City is in Rome, Italy.
    • It is the smallest country in the world both in terms of area and population. 

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