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How can ethanol and ethanoic acid be differentiated on the basis of their physical and chemical properties?

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Physical Properties:

Ethanoic acidEthanol
1. Pungent smellPleasant smell
2. Melting point 290 KM.P. is 156 K
3. Boiling point 391 KB.P. is 351 K

Chemical Properties:

Ethanoic acidEthanol
1. Ethanoic acid + Sodium bicarbonate gives CO2 gas.No CO2 gas produced. 
2. On addition of alk. KMnO4 the colour does not disappear.On addition of alk. KMnOthe colour disappear.

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Ethanol is a liquid at room temperature with a pleasant odour while ethanoic acid has vinegar-like smell. The melting point of ethanoic acid is 17°C. This is below room temperature and hence, it freezes during winters.

Ethanoic acid reacts with metal carbonates and metal hydrogencarbonates to form salt, water, and carbon dioxide gas while ethanol does not react with them.

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