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0.1 molar aqueous solution of NaCl and water are separated by semi-permeable membrane at 27ºC.

If external pressure of 3 atm is applied on solution side then  (R = \(\frac{1}{{12}}\) L atm mol–1 K–1) :
1. Osmosis will stop.
2. Osmosis will continue.
3. Reverse osmosis will occur.
4. Solute will move from solution to solvent.

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Osmosis will continue.

π = iCRT

= 2 × 0.1 × \(\frac{1}{{12}}\) × 300

= 5 atm

Pext < O.P. 

Hence net flow of solvent molecules will be from (solvent to solution)

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