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Which of the followings Gupta king issued the maximum number of inscription in his reign?
1. Samudragupta
2. Kumaragupta I
3. Chandragupta II
4. Skandagupta

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Kumaragupta I

The correct answer is option 2) i.e. Kumaragupta I.

Name of the Gupta Kings

Name of the Inscription


Allahabad Prasasti, Eran stone Pillar, Nalanda Copper Plate, Gaya Copper Plate   

Chandragupta II

Mehrauli Iron Pillar

Kumaragupta I(Issued largest number of Inscription)

Vilsad, Mankunwar, Mathura, Sanchi, Udaygiri cave, Tumain, Baigram etc


Junagarh Rock, Indore Copper Plate, Bhitari Pillar, Kahaum, Supia


Paharpur Copper Plate

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