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Which among the following rivers joins Ganga near Katihar district of Bihar?
1. Kosi
2. Son
3. Damodar
4. Chambal

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Kosi

The correct answer is option 1) i.e. Kosi.

  • The Kosi river joins Ganga near Katihar district of Bihar.
  • It is 720 km long and drains an area of about 74,500 km2 in Tibet, Nepal and Bihar.
  • It has long been notorious for its devastating floods, which may rise as much 9 m in 24 hours and which long made vast tracts of northern Bihar unsafe for habitation or cultivation.
  • Its unstable nature has been attributed to the heavy silt it carries during the monsoon season and flooding in India has extreme effects. 
  • Hence it is also known as 'Sorrow of Bihar'.
  • Now a dam across the Chatra Gorge at Barakakshetra controls floods, permits irrigation of the floodplain, provides hydro-power, and supports fish hatcheries.
  • Corn (maize) is extensively cultivated on the sandy soils of the Kosi’s basin.

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