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Group I (Tools/instruments) while Group -II (Method of surveying). Match the lists and select the correct option.

Group I

Group II

P) Alidade

1) Chain surveying

Q) Arrow

2) Levelling

R) Bubble tube

3) Plane table surveying

S) Stadia hair

4) Theodolite surveying

1. P – 3; Q – 2; R – 1; S – 4
2. P – 2; Q – 4; R – 3; S – 1
3. P – 1; Q – 2; R – 4; S – 3
4. P – 3; Q – 1; R – 2; S – 4

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : P – 3; Q – 1; R – 2; S – 4


  • An Alidade is an instrument used for sighting the point in plane table surveying. One edge of the ruler is beveled or Fiducial and the other is graduated (used for drawing line of sight).
  • Arrow: It is an instrument used in chain surveying. Arrows are used to mark the position of the ends of the chain on the ground. The arrows are made of good quality, hardened and tempered steel wire of 4 mm diameter.

  • Bubble tube: It is an instrument used in levelling. The glass tube containing the liquid and bubble in a spirit level. In levelling, it is used to check the accuracy of the horizontal surface.

  • Stadia hair: Stadia hair are crosshairs on the reticle of a theodolite or other surveying instrument that allow stadia metric range finding.

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