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Deccan Plateau is mainly made up of
1. None of these
2. Limestone
3. Basalt
4. Sandstone

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Basalt

The correct answer is Basalt.

  • The Deccan plateau is made up of basalt rocks.
    • Basalt has a very fine-grained structure as it is an extrusive igneous rock.
    • The Deccan plateau is rich in mineral deposition and some precious stones.
    • The northwestern part of the plateau is made up of lava flows or igneous rocks known as the Deccan Traps.
    • Thereby making it one of the largest volcanic provinces in the world.
    • The Deccan Plateau is a triangular landmass.

  • Deccan plateau is the largest peninsular plateau covering an area of about 422,000 square kilometers which accounts for 43% of India's landmass.
    • This plateau rises more than 1000 meters in the South and 100 meters in the North. 
    • This plateau is drained by rivers including Krishna, Godavari, penner, and Kaveri.
      • It lies to the south of the river Narmada.
    • Most of these rivers start near the Arabian sea and eventually flow towards the Bay of Bengal.
    • This upland extends over eight states.
      • These are Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, etc.

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