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A piece of wire of resistance R is cut into five equal parts. These parts are then connected in parallel. If the equivalent resistance of this combination is R', then the ratio \(^R/_{R'}\) is 
1. 5
2. \(^1/_{25}\)
3. \(^1/_5\)
4. 25

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : 25

The correct answer is 25.

  • The equivalent resistance:
    • It is where the aggregate resistance connected either in parallel or series is calculated.
    • Essentially, the circuit is designed either in Series or Parallel.
    • Electrical resistance shows how much energy one needs when you move the charges/current through your devices.
    • The resistance is cut into five equal parts, which means that the resistance of each part is R/5.
    • We know that each part is connected to each other in parallel, hence the equivalent resistance can be calculated as follows:
    • 1/R’= 5/R +5/R+ 5/R+5/R+5/R= 25/R
    • R/R’= 25
    • The ratio of R/R′ is 25. Hence, Option 4 is correct.

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