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The highest number of Cotton Mills in India is in
1. Ahmedabad
2. Mumbai
3. Kolkata
4. Orissa

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Mumbai

Cotton mills have been accredited as the forerunners of industrialization in India.

  • With the introduction of the modern cotton mill industry in 1854, India entered a new phase of industrialization. 
  • This cotton textile industry is now in a position to meet the total demand for textiles in the home market and to leave a sufficient surplus for foreign export.

  • The Indian state of Maharashtra has the largest number of cotton textile mills
  • Mumbai, with about 60 mills, is the largest cotton textile mill centre in India and is rightly called the ‘Cotton polis of India’.

Hence, Mumbai has the highest number of Cotton Mills in India

  • The industry also contributes towards the total foreign income of our country and engage millions of people.
  • Production and Trade: India ranks among the largest producer and exporters of cotton textile products.
  • India exports cotton textiles to the countries of Russia, the U.K., Australia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Germany, Belgium, Italy, etc.

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