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Which one of the following is non-renewable source of energy?
1. Hydel
2. Thermal
3. Solar
4. Wind power

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Thermal

The correct answer is Thermal.

Thermal Energy:

  • Fossil fuels, coal and biomass are the major sources of thermal energy.
  • These sources will end after a short time.
  • This source of energy is not recycled and reused.
  • While hydroelectricity, wind energy and solar energy are renewable sources of energy.

​Thus, thermal is a non-renewable source of energy.

There are basically two sources of energy:

Renewable resources or Non-Conventional

Non-Renewable resources or Conventional

The resources can renew themselves or can be used again and again.

The sources cannot be replaced or reused once they are destroyed.

Renewable resources are replenished naturally and over relatively short periods of time.

It is present in unlimited quantity

These are limited resources and consume millions of years to make.

So these are used limitedly.

It has low carbon emission and is hence is environment friendly.

These are not environmentally friendly because the amount of carbon emission is high.

The cost is low.

The cost of these resources is high.

A large land area is required for the installation of these plants.

Less land requirement of installation of these plants.

They require high maintenance costs.

They require low maintenance costs.

Example: soil, water bodies, sun (solar energy), wind, tidal energy, atomic energy, geothermal, forest, mountains, wildlife, atmospheric resources.

Example: coal, oil, nuclear energy, petroleum, natural gas, LPG, batteries, shale gas, soil and phosphate are some examples.

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