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Lahore Session of Muslim League (1940) was presided over by
1. Liaqat Ali Khan
2. Chaudhary Khaliquzzaman
3. Mohammad Ali Jinnah
4. Fatima Jinnah

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Mohammad Ali Jinnah

The correct answer is Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

  • Lahore Session of Muslim League (1940):
    • The Lahore Resolution was a formal statement, which sought the creation of a separate Muslim state.
    • The political statement, written by Zafarullah Khan and other prominent members of the ‘All-India Muslim League,’ proposed the creation of an ‘independent state’ based on a predominantly Muslim population.
    • When the resolution was put forth by the then Chief Minister of undivided Bengal, A. K. Fazl ul Huq, people started using the word ‘Pakistan’ quite frequently as the Hindu leaders described the resolution as a demand to create Pakistan.
    • Hence, the ‘Lahore Resolution’ is considered a landmark document in Pakistan’s history.
    • A monument called ‘Minar-e-Pakistan’ stands in Lahore to commemorate the famous resolution.
    • March 23 is observed as a national holiday in Pakistan to celebrate Republic Day and to commemorate the Lahore Resolution.

  • Liaqat Ali Khan:
    • Liaquat Ali Khan was the first prime minister of Pakistan (1947–51).
    • Liaquat was educated at Aligarh, Allahabad, and Exeter College, Oxford.
    • A barrister by profession, like his leader, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, he entered politics in 1923, being elected first to the provincial legislature of the United Provinces and then to the central legislative assembly.
    • He joined the Muslim League and soon became closely associated with Jinnah.
    • By degrees he won first the respect and then the admiration of the Muslim community for his share in the struggle for Pakistan; when independence was won in 1947 and Jinnah became the first governor-general, Liaquat was the obvious choice as prime minister.
  • Chaudhary Khaliquzzaman:
    • Chaudhari Khaliquzzaman was born in Bengal in the year 1889.
    • He studied at the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College in Aligarh from 1907 to 1917.
    • Khaliquzzaman was a prominent voice in local politics, having served as the Mayor of Lucknow.
    • In 1916 he joined the Home rule movement under the leadership of Ms. Annie Besant and with the collaboration of Gokhale.
    • He represented the Indian National Congress during the deliberations on the Lucknow pact, which represented the first step towards Hindu-Muslim unity in Indian politics.
  • Fatima Jinnah:
    • Fatima Jinnah who was widely known as Mader-e Millat ("Mother of the Nation"), was a Pakistani politician, dental surgeon, stateswoman, and one of the leading founders of Pakistan.
    • She was the younger sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder and the first Governor-General of Pakistan.
    • After obtaining a dental degree from the University of Calcutta in 1923, she became a close associate and an adviser to her older brother, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who later became the first Governor-General of Pakistan.
    • A strong critic of the British Raj, she emerged as a strong advocate of the two-nation theory and a leading member of the All-India Muslim League.

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