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National Water Way - 1 connects
1. Allahabad - Haldia
2. Sadia - Dhubri
3. Kollam - Kottapuram
4. Kakinada - Puducherry

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Allahabad - Haldia

The correct answer is Allahabad - Haldia.

  • National Water Way - 1
    • Ganga-Bhagirathi-Hooghly river system from Allahabad to Haldia was declared as National Waterway No.1 via National Waterway (Allahabad-Haldia stretch of the Ganga Bhagirathi- Hooghly river) Act 1982 (49 of 1982).
    • It became operative from 27th Oct 1986 after the formation of the IWAI.
    • The waterway extends from Haldia to Allahabad for a distance of 1620 km.
    • The Hooghly river portion of the waterway from Haldia to Nabadwip is tidal.
    • Seagoing vessels navigate up to Calcutta (140 km) and the fairway up to Calcutta is maintained by the Calcutta Port Trust.
    • From Calcutta up to Tribeni, there are no navigation restrictions by inland vessels of a loaded depth up to 4m.
    • From Nabadwip to Jangipur the waterway is formed by the Bhagirathi river. Bhagirathi River is a regulated river because of the Barrages at Farakka and Jangipur.
    • With the controlled discharge from the Farakka Barrage and limited river conservancy work, a navigable depth of 2m is maintained in this route throughout the year.

  • Sadia - Dhubri waterway
    • The first-ever container cargo movement on Brahmaputra (National Waterway -2) will sail via National Waterway-1 (River Ganga), Indo-Bangladesh Protocol (IBP) route, and National Waterway-2 (River Brahmaputra).
    • The Sadiya-Dhubri stretch of the Brahmaputra river (891 Km) was declared as National Waterway-2 in 1988 is located in the state of Assam.
    • As per the National Waterways Act, 2016, 111 waterways have been declared as NWs.
    • National Waterway-1 (Prayagraj-Haldia) with a length of 1620 km is the longest National waterway in India.
  • Kollam - Kottapuram waterway
    • The West Coast Canal from Kottapuram to Kollam was declared National Waterway No.3 via National Waterway (Kollam-Kottapuram stretch of West Coast Canal and Champakara) Udyogmandal Canals) Act 1992 ( 33-F of 1992 ) and notified on 1st Feb. 1993.
    • From Kottapuram to Kollam including Champakara and Udyogmandal canals has a navigable length of 205 km.
    • This waterway comprises natural lakes, back-waters, river sections, and man-made canal sections.
    • The Champakara and Udyogmandal canals link industrial centres of Ambalamugal and Udyogmandal with the Kochi port.
    • On the main West Coast Canal between Kollam and Kottapuram, the Kochi Edapallikota (120 km) stretch was opened for cargo movement during November 1994 consequent to improvement works carried out by IWAI.
  • Kakinada - Puducherry waterway
    • Kakinada-Puducherry canal stretch (767km) along with Godavari River stretch (171km) between (Bhadrachalam and Rajahmundry) and Krishna River stretch(157km) between (Wazirabad and Vijaywada) is termed as NW-4.
    • The total length of NW-4 is 1095 km.
    • A network of irrigation cum navigation canal linking Chennai and Ennore Ports in Tamil Nadu with the Kakinada Port, and Ma­chlipatnam Ports in Andhra Pradesh runs through a distance of 618 km.
    • The Kakinada canal and Eluru canal and Commamur canal which are irrigation cum navigation canal also interlink the two major river systems of Godavari and Krishna.
    • The Buckingham canal which interlinks the Commamur canal with Chennai port runs through a distance of 315 Km is tidal.

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