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Which of the following is used as a passive component in electronic circuit?
1. Resistor
2. Vacuum Triode
3. Diode
4. Transistor

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Resistor

Passive Components:

Passive components are devices that do not require any external source for the operation and are capable of storing energy in the form of voltage or current in the circuit.

Common examples of passive components include:

Resistors: A resistor is taken as a passive element since it can not deliver any energy to a circuit. Instead, resistors can only receive energy that they can dissipate as heat as long as current flows through it.

Active components:

Active components are the elements or devices which are capable of providing or delivers energy to the circuit. 

Common examples of active components include:

  • Voltage sources
  • Current sources
  • Generators (such as alternators and DC generators)
  • All different types of transistors (such as bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETS, FETs, and JFET)).
  • Diodes (such as Zener diodes, photodiodes, Schottky diodes, and LEDs)

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