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Which one of the following statements is not correct ?
1. Mansabdari system was introduced by Akbar
2. Abul Fazl was killed in a plot contrived by Jahangir
3. Khusru was a member of Nurjahan Junta
4. Khafi Khan was a historian at the time of Aurangzeb

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Khusru was a member of Nurjahan Junta

The correct answer is Khusru was a member of Nurjahan Junta.

  • The Mansabdari system was the administrative system introduced by Akbar in Mughal Empire in 1571.
  • Bir Singhdeo Bundela killed Abul Fazl. He was deputed by Jahangir to kill Abul Fazl.
  • Nur Jahan formed a group of her family members known as ‘JUNTA’.
    • This group included Nur Jahan, her father Mirza Gayas Beigh, her brother Asaf Khan and prince Khurram.
    • The Junta managed Jahangir, all the powers and administration were controlled by this group.
  • Khafi Khan was in service of the Mughals as their royal historians from the time of Aurangazeb.

  • The Mansabdar was a military unit within the administrative system of the Mughal Empire introduced by Akbar.
    • The word mansab is of Arabic origin meaning rank or position.
      • The system determined the rank and status of a government official and military generals.
      • Every civil and military officer was given a mansab, which determined their salaries & allowances.
      • The term mansabdar means a person having a mansab.
  • Abul Fazl was the author of Ain-i-Akbari and one of the most important advisors in Akbar’s court.
    • He was also one of the Navratnas in the court of Akbar.
    • In 1602, he was assassinated under secret orders from emperor Akbar’s eldest son, the future emperor Jahangir as he thought that Abul Fazal was exciting hatred in the heart of Akbar.
    • Bir Singhdeo Bundela was deputed by him to kill Abul Fazl.
  • Nur Jahan was the daughter of Mirza Ghias Beg, a native of Tehran. Her father came to India and sought employment at the court of Akbar.
    • Nur Jahan was the only queen in the entire history of medieval India who exercised such a tremendous influence on an emperor Jahangir, her husband, and consequently on the affairs of the state.
  • ​Khafi Khan was the name given to Muhammad Hashim by the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah.
    • He was in service of the Mughals as their royal historians from the time of Aurangazeb and his father had been the royal historian in the courts of Mughals too under Shahjahan.
    • He is notable for authoring Muntakhab-al Lubab, a Persian language book about the history of India.

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