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Compare and contrast the arrangement of elements in Mendeleev’s periodic Table and the Modern Periodic Table.

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Mendeleev’s periodic tableModern periodic table
1Elements are arranged in the increasing order of their atomic masses.1Elements are arranged in the increasing order of their atomic numbers.
2There are a total of 7 groups (columns) and 6 periods (rows).2There are a total of 18 groups (columns) and 7 periods (rows).
3Elements having similar properties were placed directly under one another.3Elements having the same valence shell are present in the same period while elements having the same number of valence electrons are present in the same group.
4The position of hydrogen could not be explained.4Hydrogen is placed above alkali metals.
5No distinguishing positions for metals and non-metals.5Metals are present at the left hand side of the periodic table whereas non-metals are present at the right hand side.

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